What is Domain name and how it is used?

What is a domain name?

In very simple terms, a domain name is the address of a website on the Internet. Just as your home or place of residence has its own unique postal address, so does every website ever created.

The web naming system was developed for human benefit. The IP address used in networks is in the form of numbers and is known as IP for Internet Protocol.

An IP address is made up of four digits separated by periods. An example of an IP address is something like I think you have seen for yourself how difficult it is to remember that address.

Why do I need a domain name?

When you have the Domain name, it will be the beginning of promoting your business name on the Internet and making your business available and reaching Internet users worldwide.

You can register a domain name for your business, for example yourbusiness.co.tz and you will be able to do the following for a very cheap fee.

Having a domain name is also the beginning of owning a website and commercial e-mails that are very important in your business.

Email addresses with your business name or personal name and different from others for example (sales@biasharayako.co.tz) is one of the ways that can help you promote and run your business online.

You can also use the domain name on websites, blogs, online stores and more.

Pridemax Africa is an Information Technology company that offers Domain Name Registration services at low cost starting from TZS 22,500 for .co.tz domain names and TZS 95,000 for .tz domains

You can register domains, re-newal domain if you have already registered domain(s), transfer from another service provider to us (free!) and run various domain name operations through Pridemax Africa Company or by using various domain extensions in Tanzania, Kenya , Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

In Tanzania, we register various domains according to the need for your business name, such as a company, school, college, etc. including;
.co.tz | .or.tz | .go.tz | .ac.tz | .ne.tz | .sc.tz | .hotel.tz |.info.tz | .me.tz | .tv.tz

Also for global domains (gTLDs) and (TLDs) we are involved in the registration of the following domains;
.com |.net |.org |.info |.biz |.us |.de |.es |.tv |.mobi |.co.ug |.guide

You can check the price and whether the domain you need to register is available. For more help contact us through the contact page