Networking Installations

Computer Networks and Connectivity

We help you with the process of designing, installing and configuring your computer networks based on your needs and budget so you can take advantages of a centralized management of your organization or company’s resources

Pridemax Africa provides your company with the necessary technological infrastructure for fast and secure data transfer and download, with the network design appropriate to your needs. We help you so that you can make the most of your computer equipment and resources. We are professional installers of all types of computer networks, structured cabling, WiFi networks and LAN / WAN networks. Our technicians study your facilities in detail to design an efficient and high-quality network architecture tailored to your needs, with the type of hardware and communication protocols suitable for maximum security and optimal performance of your computing infrastructure. We are also providers of internet connectivity (ISP) services through Wi-Fi and Broadband.

Network Maintenance Service (NMS)

Pridemax Africa also performs the Network Maintenance Service, through which you can receive technical support when any incident occurs with the equipment of your computer network, solve internet connection problems, replace equipment that does not work properly, or expand the capacity and performance of your network as your company grows.

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