CCTV Survaillance

CCTV Camera Installation for Your business or home

Whether stand-alone or part of an integrated security system, CCTV cameras can be called upon to perform a number of functions for the organizations which use them, detection, deterrence, reassurance, evidence, access control and facility management.

The usage of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and IP Video for surveillance as a deterrent against criminal behaviour is growing substantially, with businesses becoming aware of the critical role CCTV plays in property and stock security, health and safety, and accountability. CCTV systems are typically comprised of cameras, video recorders and monitors. They can range in size and complexity; from a single camera system, to a highly sophisticated system utilizing network infrastructure including LAN, WAN, Fibre and Mobile Wireless Networks, sometimes connecting hundreds of cameras to one single management platform.

Depending on your requirements, budget, industry and environmental conditions in which the CCTV System is installed, Pridemax Africa’s professional security solution team can tailor a system just for you. Utilizing our in-house security consultants, we have embraced verified security CCTV technologies, video transmission technology and network/IP communications as part of our core CCTV service; so ensuring we can meet customer requirements to provide CCTV system installation and CCTV system support for our high reliability, multi-functional, tailor-made CCTV solutions

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