Biometric Systems

Biometric Systems & Time Attendance

The systems make it possible to dispense with the use of keys in the company, avoid workers having to open the door when their colleagues arrive, limit the specific areas that each employee can access, and prevent the entry of unidentified intruders, significantly improving the security of your facilities

At Pridemax Africa we have extensive experience as installers of access, presence and capacity controls. Below we explain the different types of access control that exist, classified according to the identification system they use:

Biometric systems. They are access control systems that allow verifying the identity of people by identifying an individual and non-transferable physical characteristic, which makes them highly secure systems and minimizes fraud and access by unauthorized people. The most used are facial recognition and fingerprint readers.

Proximity systems. These are simple systems that consist of approaching a reader with a card or key ring with an incorporated chip. If the reader verifies that the bearer of the object (card or key ring) is authorized to access the restricted area, then it will activate the mechanism to allow access. There are two types of cards that are often used in this type of system: magnetic cards, and RFID (radio frequency identification) cards.

Password systems. As its name suggests, this type of access control has a numeric keyboard in which it is necessary to enter the correct password for the system to allow access to the restricted area.

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